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My shore power 120 volts was not connected. When I turn on multiple 12V devices I can here the convertor fan running. we just got it and have yet to take it out. Please help. http://itenlightenment.com/not-working/lights-in-car-not-working.html

Look for the converter and test that out with the meter. However, when plugged into shore power the inline fuse Randy Godwin2 months ago from Southern Georgia Author Shenagh-- Make sure the batteries are not at fault as they should furnish enough Could this brand new battery he defective or is it the power converter ? I have tomorrow to run around and try and get some of the problems fixed, my guests arrive on Saturday but I can still work on it after, just would like

Rv Interior Lights Troubleshooting

Try connecting the battery(s) and see if the fuses still blow. I tried checking with a volt meter and must have shorted out something because now the exterior electrical plug in doesn't work. what may be the issue? Is it something that is very costly (labor intensive) or does it just require the skills of a electrical type tech to insure proper installation? Expert: Tim Collard replied6 years

The privious owner was an electrical engineer (I think thats some of my problem), anyway he did a few changes and add ons that i'm not so sure about.1) Mounted a So I will let you know. he wired it in 220v. Rv Trailer Interior Lights Not Working RV Walk-Thru 424,628 views 14:10 Troubleshooting a RV Power Converter - Duration: 11:10.

Randy Godwin4 months ago from Southern Georgia Author Hey Christy, are you sure you're not just operating on the charged battery? I only heard the converter come one twice today..one time was for about 12 seconds and the other was just short of a minute. Thanks for returning and telling me what the problem was. http://www.rvforum.net/SMF_forum/index.php?topic=37096.0 The extra amperage the battery provides takes the strain from the converter also.

Be sure and cut off the breaker controlling the power converter. Camper Lights Not Working with it was all taped up on the end when I bought it used.So I'm gonna try and new cord, and if this is not the case... Cannot find a diagram of electrical distribution. If so, then a new converter is required.

Rv Lights Not Working Off Battery

Unfortunatly I have not found anything here with my problem so I thought I would post it and see if you had any idea what problem is.Wildwood travel trailer, bumper pull. http://rvbasics.com/techtips/12-volt-DC-Problem.html Sometimes you just have to keep looking when an electrical problem arises. :) Thanks for returning and telling what you found. Rv Interior Lights Troubleshooting Only $117.00.BTW, the outside outlet that didn't work before, which isn't working still, has a new GFCI, which shows power going to it, because the little light is on.THANKS for any Rv 12 Volt Lights Flicker If you have a relay then check to see if the voltage is getting past the relay.

I checked the old fuses and they were good. http://itenlightenment.com/not-working/lights-car-dashboard-not-working.html Some campers have one and some do not. I thought we were losing power but it appears that is not the case. The lights, fridge, pump and other items you mentioned are normally controlled by the 12 volt system. Rv 12 Volt Lights Not Working

Do you have a fuse block with fuses for each 12 volt item, such as one for the popup another for the lights, etc? Had it plug in at my home and at a friends home and never got zapped. I will check battery tomorrow.Only reason I'm thinking it is not a ground because if I hook the jump box up to the battery terminal post (not the screw on connection Check This Out Any ideas gary4 weeks ago I got a 98 jayco pull behind im not getting power to my light or friz,but getting power to microwave and outlet one side of camper,

Does your camper have only the one battery? Rv 12 Volt System Not Working I'm at a loss as to what would be causing it to short out at this point. Randy Godwin3 months ago from Southern Georgia Author @Visuallogic--Check and clean the battery cables, especially the ground where it attavhes to the steel frame.

The real head scratcher is, ( I have power coming from the wire connected to the NEGATIVE post of the battery.

If you get a random number the wire is broken somewhereAlternately, you can make a new wire from 12-2 and connect it to the 110 volt power panel in place of All the dudes are good. we checked all the fuses and they are all good. Camper Lights Wont Work Maybe I hooked the batteries wrong?2nd yesterday an alarm started, high pitched LOUD ...

I started pulling fuses and when I got to the one that runs the fridge the drain stopped. Huh, I don't know. Randy Godwin2 months ago from Southern Georgia Author Hi Janice, have you tried the lights on shore power? this contact form Ask for more info if needed.Randy Jon5 weeks ago It was coming from the outlet on the side of camper where the cord plugs in to give the camper power.

Thanks for the question.Randy Randy Godwin3 months ago from Southern Georgia Author Hey John. Thanks for reading and the question. :)Randy CarriePol6 months ago Hi Randy, I have a 2010 sportsman classic trailer and have two outlets not working. If so, the battery will eventually become discharged if the converter isn't hooked up. The crazy part is that we pulled the blown fuses and leaving the battery connected and still plugged into the shore power, everything works.

I also verified that the battery is installed correctly. Is there something simple we're missing? I just replaced the two coach batteries. Some reason it reset the unit, control system somehow.

The two that never worked, still don't work. Any ideas whats going on? The unit ran for a couple of minutes while I was playing with the knobs on the unit. Metal tool box attached to front with battery inside, along with odds and ends.

I am at a loss as to what could be wrong. Randy Godwin2 weeks ago from Southern Georgia Author JMeredith--Some campers have both 12 volt DC and 12o volt AC light fixtures. Bigger RVs have much beefier converters. They are all good.

Thanks. Put it back together and the lights WORK! any ideas . fridge is not getting cold, and none of the outlets work.

If the wires are not broken you'll get a reading of 000 or simply 0 depending on the meter.