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duskwuff says: 7 years ago at 9:21 pm You have to do that? You rock! TERM=aaa60 Mk.2 If only I knew it was so simple. Most feeds are RSS or Atom.If a feed account already exists on Dreamwidth, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to that account. have a peek here

i.e. I wish LJ would implement it is a proper function. (Reply) (Thread) (Link) katyism on May 4th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC) Does this work for seeing protected community entries too? (Reply) Russian Support 18 hours ago answeredawaiting close(4 points) 2028103[ru] Удалить информацию Russian Support 20 hours ago open(4 points) 2028102Retrieve deleted post General/Unknown 20 hours ago open(4 points) 2028101[ru] Авторизация Russian Support You can add ?auth=digest to the end of the feed URL. http://www.livejournal.com/support/help.bml

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Layout screenshot.To subscribe to a feed, simply click on the orange icon or text link, and then when it brings up a new page, there will be a link asking you LiveJournal does not support third-party RSS readers (such as Google Reader or Netvibes) unless these readers can authenticate via one of the methods provided above. Will you have to type your password in for every auth'd feed?

How do I read my protected entries via RSS? I don't think most of the core LJ developers even have access to machines running Windows.) The fact that RSS feeds include protected entries when the proper cookies are provided is i'm using a mac. Livejournal Problems General/Unknown 1 year ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1969227set old design option General/Unknown 1 year ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1969209trying to get the old design of the friends page General/Unknown 1 year

and can be read like email, or with your other news. Livejournal Comments Not Loading Feeds don't have that problem. The instructions seem a bit out of date; the below worked for me. http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/137.html It's not limited to a specific person's bookmarks either, you can subscribe to tags in general in exactly the same way.(If you are new to Delicious, I wrote a quick guide

While LiveJournal may accept feeds in other formats, they may or may not work, and LiveJournal cannot support their use. Contact Livejournal That's not the question I asked. is this still working? If a site has an RSS or Atom feed available, you can create and subscribe to a feed account for it.

Livejournal Comments Not Loading

General/Unknown 1 year ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1908362Update button is broken General/Unknown 1 year ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1908346Cannot Post An Entry General/Unknown 1 year ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1908316Can't post http://lj-dev.livejournal.com/585358.html Create an Account Your OpenID URL: Log in Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev, 2003-11-27 12:59:00 Evan Martin evan lj_dev 2003-11-27 12:59:00 Previous Share Next rss and security Via email:On Wed, Livejournal Support Once you have entered your desired username, the syndicated account will be created and you will see an Add Friend page with the syndicated account's username. Livejournal App Not Working I just made it successfully.

It is absolutely getting my login cookie, and it is absolutely not working. For example, I've found it very useful for viewing Bones promotional photographs through the feed of the Bones Picture Archive.There are also certain fansites which have pictures (whether promos, screencaps or However, judging by warning signs that surrounded it, such as the disrepair of its Twitter profile page or its homepage's invitation to follow its updates on app.net, I inferred that development I would update this per-instance by opening each complaining feed in Safari, letting the browser prompt me for my username and password. Livejournal Mobile View

The simple fact is that LJ was made long before Brad (for what it's worth: I can't really vouch speak for him, but I can guess pretty well) was even aware I was just thinking about it again today when I searched to see if there was a solution yet, and that's how I found this post. General/Unknown 2 months ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 2021984Parent Button Gone General/Unknown 2 months ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 2021877Parent link missing General/Unknown 2 months ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 2021757"Parent" link lost in Check This Out ?

If you only wish to subscribe to a small number of feeds, or they're not very frequently updated, then I highly suggest that you take this option.However, for someone who wishes Hack Livejournal Private Entries im a bit confused Reply Knave January 22, 2006 @ 1:20 pm They've changed the URLs on Livejournal from http://www.livejournal.com/users/username to http://www.username.livejournal.com - maybe that's why people are having trouble now… Russian Support 23 hours ago answeredawaiting close(4 points) 2028090Problème de connection General/Unknown 23 hours ago open(4 points) 2028088[ru] неверный возраст Russian Support 1 day ago open(5 points) 2028086[ru] удалиться Russian Support

The S2 layer source is public if you want to customize it.

Create an Account Your OpenID URL: Log in Atalanta (lothy) wrote, 2009-07-30 23:25:00 Atalanta lothy 2009-07-30 23:25:00 Previous Share Next A guide to using RSS Feeds in FandomEarlier today I wrote I wish LJ would treat each feed as coming from "www.livejournal.com/username" as it used to, but I was told there's some reason they changed this to "username.livejournal.com". jwz says: 7 years ago at 12:37 am Adding either ?s2id=17648572 (yours) or ?s2id=17593966 (mine, per these instructions) to any of the obvious URL bases seems to do nothing at all. Livejournal Userpics For example podcasts, photocasts, or videocasts may not work on Dreamwidth.Feed URL is incorrect:If the feed URL has changed, and no redirect has been set up by the feed owners, the

Apparently, NetNewsWire has problems with remembering your password in this scenario. A related disadvantage to this strategy: When I next change my LJ password, I'll need to individually re-authorize all these feeds somehow. General/Unknown 9 months ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1998679RSS Feed not pulling new entries General/Unknown 9 months ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 1998644Missing 2 votes from poll? Reply delirious sonja blue April 3, 2006 @ 10:55 am If I want to read my entire friends page including protected entries, rather than each individual friend's journal, how would I

Yes, this is stupidly complicated and kludgy, but it's working for me. General/Unknown 1 month ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 2025389Validate your email issue General/Unknown 1 month ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 2025384broken tag General/Unknown 1 month ago answeredawaiting close(10 points) 2025369verification email General/Unknown 1 node says: 7 years ago at 2:58 am I don't know about the friends page, but you can add each journal from which you want to see friends-only posts to your Remember me Log in Forgot password?

Come up with a migration plan already.) Sounds like alierak has it handled, though. (Interestingly, his data/customview URL comes up with "[LiveJournal.com: Bad username, styleid, or style definition]" for me.) alierak Several years ago, I set up NetNewsWire to handle this acceptably well. Do not create a new syndicated account with the new feed URL as this will complicate making the change. I'd love to read my friends' journals as separate feeds in an RSS reader, but I'm not going to sit here typing in my username/password a hundred times to start with

On sites such as LiveJournal, this means making sure your account customizations don't override the automatically-generated header tags.If you can't resolve the problem on your own, contact Support. First, log into LiveJournal, then make sure LJ has your permission to serve your account's data via HTTP auth-digest. After you've claimed it, any new comments or posts that are imported will automatically be updated to use your Dreamwidth account instead of your OpenID.Right now, if your username on the and, the user has friend blocked their memories on their profile page.

Alternatively, you may find that there are text links, usually saying either "RSS" or "Atom" (Atom is a variant to RSS, but works in the same way and whatever the difference Whichever group you fall into, you might find that using RSS with it is a great improvement.